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For delegates and NA"s. You can find information pack about executive elections under delegates area.
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summary of OT profession for 2015 is out. You can find it under documents section
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For delegates and NA-s. Information pack about COTEC 2nd GA can be found in delegates area.
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"Dear Colleagues,
It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the forthcoming conference "Health and Wellbeing through Occupation" of the Occupational Science Europe network, hosted by Bournemouth University, UK.
The call for abstracts is now open and we are inviting contributions not only from occupational therapists and occupational scientists, but from all those interested in and working with this important topic. Presentations and posters may be related to existing and ongoing research and theoretical development, but we also would hope to have contributions that will introduce for discussion new and emerging ideas. For more information see the links below.
Please forward the information regarding the conference and the call for abstracts throughout your networks and to all your colleagues.

Call for Abstracts open – closing date 31 March 2015

·         Website:

·         Registration:  Early Bird registration now open.

·         All queries contact: Julie Atherton, Conference Manager on

CLICK on the PICTURE for more information

Thank you, and we look forward to welcoming you to Bournemouth!
Sarah Kantartzis, on behalf of OSEurope"


Articles of Special Interest:

Occupational therapy research for the ageing European population: challenges and opportunities. Iwarsson S (2013) British Journal of Occupational Therapy,76(4), 203-205.


The ageing society is one of the grand challenges of our time, and European researchers are encouraged to cooperate to contribute to the knowledge development required to turn the challenges into sustainable solutions. There is a need for interdisciplinary, cross-national research to increase the understanding of the European diversity of ageing. Against this background, this opinion piece focuses on the implications for occupational therapy research. The occupational therapy perspective is strong and future oriented, with great potential to support active and healthy ageing. This article challenges occupational therapy research traditions and outlines avenues for future developments.


Preliminary Program and Call for Poster Abstracts - 8th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry

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COTEC Newsletter : Vol.1, Issue 2. April 2013

The second COTEC Newletter now out

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COTEC Newsletter : Vol.1, Issue 1. Feb 2013

The first COTEC Newletter has been published! 



Stockholm COTEC Meeting and Congress highlights
In May, the Council of Occupational Therapists from European Countries (COTEC) held its 9th European Congress in Stockholm. This followed on from the 56th COTEC meeting where delegates were guests of the Swedish OT Association.
At the council meeting, and later ratified at a special meeting to which Presidents of National Associations were invited, measures were agreed that will radically alter the way COTEC is organised and work in the future. The aim of this reorganisation is for COTEC to become more effective in promoting the voice of Occupational Therapy within Europe, and to lobby for the profession of OT within the European context.
There were 21 of the 27 National Associations represented at this year’s Stockholm COTEC council meeting. Another two National Associations who had applied and met the criteria to be part of COTEC, were welcomed, bringing the membership to now 29 European countries. These countries were Estonia and Bulgaria. Both National Associations although very small, have established degree level training courses with working links and student exchanges within Europe.
COTEC has been collecting data from its membership associations since 1986 and has compiled a yearly summery of the profession within Europe. The Summary of the Occupational Therapy Profession between 2005 and 2012 makes interesting international comparisons, . Between 2005 and 2012, the numbers of OTs within Europe has risen; Germany has the highest number of OTs overall although not necessarily all with a training that follows recognised WFOT guidelines, the UK the second highest. Proportionally, however, National Association membership is greater in the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and Latvia.
Within this context, the 9th COTEC Congress was held with the theme of Occupation Diversity for the Future. There were over 900 delegates from 46 different countries, not just from Europe but from all over the world, including Iraq and Iran. There were 301 presentations and 207 posters, many of a very high calibre, some by world -ranking OT academics and practitioners. The abstracts are available on -line see
A little helpful extra publicity for the Congress came when it was noted in the Swedish press that the 9th COTEC Congress coincided with the Christening of the new Swedish princess, christened Princess Estelle after her American Grandmother, who was a strong and vocal advocate of Occupational Therapy in Sweden in its early years!
A highlight of the social programme of the Congress was a reception in Stockholm’s magnificent City Hall where the Nobel prizes are given out each year for outstanding contributions to various Sciences. While OT may not attract Nobel prize status, outstanding international contributions and debate in OT are to be celebrated.
The next COTEC Congress in 2016 will be the first to be combined with ENOTHE. It will be hosted jointly by the National Association of Ireland and Galway University. Relatively local to the UK, with English as the common language and beautiful countryside nearby to enjoy when not conferencing, - the first COTEC/ ENOTHE joint conference comes strongly recommended.


Please go to:


for ABSTRACTS  from the Stockholm 2012 meeting that are still available on- line.



The first of a series of leaflets promoting the work of Occupational Therapists.
This one is on the Role of Occupational Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation. (Illustrated by Petri Suni.)

See OT and Stroke Leaflet 

Other leaflets are to follow covering the range of areas in which there is evidence of the effectiveness of Occupational Therapy as an intervention approach. 

The leaflet was produced by a COTEC working group drawing on resources from COTEC delegates. Future leaflets will again draw on the breadth of the expertise of the European membership.  
The leaflets will be being sent out to Commissioning Agents, and Relevant Health and Social Care Agencies and Policy Makers.


2011 was the 25th Anniversary of COTEC (1986 – 2011 ) -
2012 is the European Year of Active and Healthy Ageing. -
To Celebrate both these events a Picture Poster Competition was held in support of the European Year of Active and Healthy Ageing
entitled   ”OT and Active and Healthy Ageing”
Occupational Therapists from all the 27 Member Associations were invited to submit a poster; the winning poster was then voted on by delegates at the 2012 Stockholm Congress in May.
The competition prize - a ticket to the COTEC-ENOTHE Congress 2016 in Galway, Ireland, was won by a clear vote by the Serbian entrant, submitted  by Branko Lazic

 Highlights from Athens

The council discussed the coming changes in COTEC; organisational change of COTEC and the political programme and adopted the COTEC Satzung-constitution which has been translated into English. The council also discussed the 2012 budget and approved it as the Executive proposed. Maria Daniela Farrugia and Popi Moustaka presented “Specialisation in OT in Europe”, which has been an ongoing project for the Professional Practise group.

Two bids were received for selecting the host for the 2016 joint COTEC-ENOTHE congress. The working group selected Ireland in collaboration with the University of Galway, to be the host of the 2016 congress. The council approved this. 

The President Anu Sonderstrum reminded those present that this was the 25th

anniversary of COTEC. She gave a colourful potted history of COTEC showing just how far it has come in the last 25 years. Which called for a small celebration with a suitably flag -decorated cake and Greek bubbly!

Delegates also contributed to the Greek National congress entitled “Play for all”. Presentations were made about COTEC and the 2012 COTEC congress “Occupation Diversity for the future”.to be held in Stockholm.  Delegates from Croatia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway and Malta also took part in the panel discussion.

The next council meeting is to be held in Stockholm (22nd-23rd May) prior to the 9th COTEC Congress of Occupational Therapy (24th-27th May).






 Highlights of the 54th COTEC meeting in Ljubljana

COTEC council met in Ljubljana on 25th-26th of March 2011. 
Delegates from 17 member associations were present.
Position Paper on “European Year of Volunteering 2011”
The draft Position Paper was discussed and redrafted. Further amendments were then made and approved by a unanimous vote. The final version will be circulated for promotion by council members and will be attached to the letter for the Hungarian EU President. The position paper can be found on COTEC website.
COTEC – A New future
The council also discussed about changes in COTEC. There was a proposal about organizational and structural changes in COTEC.  In the draft aim is ‘That occupational therapy is well recognized and COTEC is an opinion former in the European Health and Social Sector’. This was drafted to reflect COTEC’s wish to move to a more political
approach, with a corporate view on the development of occupational
therapy in Europe rather than a national association focus. A decision on this aim will be considered formally at the October 2011 COTEC meeting in Athens.
Treasurer’s position
Vera Krähenbühl was elected to serve a new term of four years from
2011-2015 by a unanimous vote.
Interim Honorary Secretary’s Position
Aideen Gallagher was elected to serve a one year term of office by a unanimous vote.